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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's a "Me" "I" thing :3

I am getting nervous about what would be the result of our craziness
I think I would prepare for something unwanted.
I know I am blessed.
I have a wonderful family and many terrific friends.
I wish it would be fine.
I hate getting up early in th morning, but you knew that already. 
I miss my dog. 
I fear being totally alone and losing people I love.
I hear music.  I love many different styles of music.
I smell Victoria Secret (Pink) Cucumber.
I crave real chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone.  At least a double scoop.
I search for answers to my questions, and I have a lot of questions.
I wonder what will I look like if I'm already married.
I regret of being a good daughter.
I love my mom,dad,my 2 brothers,oma,opa,aunts,uncles,pets and my boyfriend,
I ache in my back.  I hate it. I have scoliosis.
I am not a pessimist.  I am not an optimist either.  I think I am a realist.
I believe in life after death, so maybe I am an optimist. 
I dance whenever I can.  With or without music. Dancing is my passion also.
I sing whenever I can, and yes I can do it with or without music, and I can carry a tune with a hoarse voice.
I cry when I’m sad, angry, happy, frustrated, and even relieved.  I’ve shed many tears.  They come easily for me.
I fight when I believe it is necessary to fight.
I win at the game Dominoes.  I love that game!
I lose my focus in studying .  Frequently.  What was I saying?
I never go to bed without washing my face. 
I always tell my lil brother to poo in the toilet bowl and not on his underwear because the smell sucks !
I confuse if he really loves me.
I listen to music a lot. The lines and meaning I love the most.
I can usually be found in my bedroom with my hands on the keyboard.
I am scared of failure.
I need chocolate.  (It seemed like the right answer, at the time.)
I am happy about being home with my family during the summer.
I imagine many things, because I’ve got an overactive imagination.
I tag my closest friends whenerver I wanted to.

Lazy Hands and Lazy Brain

I have a lazy hands and I'm getting lazier each day. I go to school 4x a week with 7 minor subjects . Isn't it boring? i am not like this before. Mom taught me to read and read, write and write. I usually write poems, stories, novels and I even made my autobiography, way back then I have a lots of scraps where it was all written. I love literature. But now, I hate myself. I am trying to rejoice my reading and writing life but I can't. Lazy hands :'(

I bought a lot of books from OMF and only1 book I have read yet I am still at the middle part of it :'( 
OH MY !\what happened to me?

I can't even write a single stanza for my poem..

How I  wish I wasn't addicted with texting because I could really testify that texting makes a person poor in vocabulary.. LMAO..

Creative brain..What happened to you, why you became lazy????I miss the way you construct words, did you miss it too? How about being a bookworm in the class?

Would you please come back and make Lazy Hands, Diligent again???

OHnanana Mua:*  

From The PAst

I was at  NCCC Mall to pay our Internet Bill after I finished my transaction I amble around the play area. I saw an old classmate of mine way back to my previous school and course. We were chatting and chatting and memoirs are hitting me back, this made me sad. Thus, they will be departing tonight. They'll have their duty at Panabo Polymedic Hospital for 3 days of duty, 3 days of stress, 3 days of staying at the boarding house eventually there will be a lots of fun and I badly miss it :'(

 Sleeping late, making requirements,sharing of knowledge, reading the NANDA memorizing and studyingDrugs, Defense ... Urgh.. Isn't it stressful? Yah.Indeed it is.. But think how cool it is !

Cool? Yes. I said so ..
I experienced fleeing around 2am and eat at Jollibee which is open 24hrs ! I also tried to pierce in a bar where ladies are in nude but I'm with my roommates :) Our clinical instructor also invited us to drink after our 3-11 duty and we are all drunk :! and at the next day at  the 7-3am shift we are all absent ! No interns were present for the endorsement of patients ! 

WHOAH ! and we are really a bad NURSE :) hahahaha :D

This clinical instructor of ours is the nephew of the President of the said hospital, he is the head in the Emergency Room and we are very lucky to have him since we got a very high grade ( higher than 90 ) HaHaHaHa :D

I have a lot more to say but to cut the story short, I miss the good and bad side of me being a NURSE :)

MUA :*