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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Book i've read is all about....

This is not about me and my boyfriend. 

I have read a booklet which was all about finding the true essence of love and find out whether it is a true love or not. I brought this booklet from OMF. If you are not open minded you would say that the author is against in a teenager relationship but it wasn't like that. It talks about the guidelines God gave us in the written book which is the Bible and the author also wrote some stories related.

The first story was all about Rachel and Jacob. Jacob waited for 14 years just to marry Rachel. (WHOA! at this moment of generation no one could stay longer waiting that long). He served Rachel parents for 7 years but the father of Rachel let Jacob marry Leah. Leah was blind folded when they are having their sexual intercourse and it was too dark for Jacob to see who as the woman he's having an affair with. In the end Jacob found out it was not Rachel, Laban did it because it was in their rule that the eldest daughter should marry first. Because of the perseverance of Jacob to marry Rachel he waited again 7 years it sums up 14 years to marry Rachel and they bore a child.SEE ? Love can wait if a man is willing to.

The second story was about a young lady who had a relationship with a young man. Since their parents doesn't want her to enter the kingdom of love they became so strict and even harbored the mobile phone of the young lady. So there was no communication between the two lovers. The young man bought the lady a phone, they meet distance from the lady's house but they were seen by their father until the harbored for the second time the phone. The young man capitulated and do nothing, he left the young lady without remorse on his face. PITY ON HIM. if he really loves the young girl, he will face her parents bravely.

Talking about the "S" word. Nowadays, Sex is not a big deal according to the most interviewed closet queens. But, there is a thing that they did forget. It is against the will of God. It is said that engaged after you get married not before you get married. There is a lot of teenager there who get involved with PMS (premarital sex) and do they know that there a lot of illness they can get because of it? Like STD?

In a relationship, it is normal that you're parents are involved. At the age of the 26, parents could not dictate you anymore since you are stable in life. Parent's knows best. Our father doesn't wants us to loose our virginity just because of that dumb guy while our mother doesn't want us to get hurt. The same thing God wanted for us. It's not like you are being jailed and you don't have freedom. You have all the freedom you wanted for, but bear in mind the consequences you'll face.

If you are already engaged to PMS, God is a forgiving God but he is also a Jealous God. I thank him He is one Since He is jealous because he doesn't want us to put into fire. If you wanted to change, you could. Since He is a forgiving God just make sure you are sincere..

To all readers, i know you already knew what this blog is all about. you are not ignorant to the rules of God. I just wanna share what i've learned from the book.

Till the next blog. 
Mua :*

It's okay..

I wasn't happy for the last few days but I'm trying and right now I'm working over it. I was talking about keeping in silence on my last blog yesterday and indeed I'm proving that I could do it though, in tough times there is anxiety and stress but I know I could do it. I'm not the only man in this world and I know I could reconcile and forgive someone. But silence is the best thing to do right for me not to be hurt.

Okay, I'm blabbing a lot of here and I know you're confused why I wanna keep silent. I wanna move on in silence and rejoice. I wanna be someone, a new one; not someone who I am really not. So I'm changing styles in life but I can't do it that fast, I'm having it slowly until I could have the perfect changes in me. It might be too awkward to those who knows me a lot more than you do but I wanted this to happen.

There was this person who is more attached to me and I 'm thanking her for being one. One of those people who touched my life. She's important and unforgettable, sweet loving person. She's far away, but I know she'll be reading this blog. I wanna thank her for being part of my life :) 

PS.Don't worry. You're still the one, I'm still your friend though there are changes, lol. As if naman matanggihan kita sa kabaitan mo ! Anyways Highways. o matter what might happen I'm still here, right beside you. Don't forget that. I Love you, more than you think I could.  :*

Till next blog. Mua :*