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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beware. Save your Health

I came home early and when I arrived, Tita was trembling with nervous and anger. I asked her what happened, she said "Naka inom ako ng RC [Royal Crown Cola] na may Katol.

Katol [Mosquito Coils]is a solid form of insecticide. It kills/prevents mosquito to bite you. Therefore, Katol contains chemicals that are dangerous to our health.

It contains the pyrethroids cyfluthrin and transfluthrin, and the carbamate propoxur and organophosphorus , as active ingredients.Pyrethroids can lead to a variety of ill effects if ingested in sufficient quantities, including tremors,

I immediately gave her glasses of water to release chemicals and replenish. We also made a letter signed with the witnesses and the owner of the store. We also went to – Sanitary Inspector and we also took photos of the bottle with the Katol inside. And we also contacted the RC Company, and they catered our concern.

This indeed alarming since Filipinos are Cold drink lovers. Soft drink is made up of CO2 and a lot more of chemicals and acids; therefore it is not good to our health. How much more if there is another set of dangerous chemicals.
Life is always precious so treasure it. Fight for your right especially your health. It is not a joke trying to be fit and healthy; years and millions of peso to maintain it. It is better to eat and drink natural fruit juice, safer and nutritious.