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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bakasyonista sa Surigao Del Sur Enchanted River Part II

Heading our way at the Fish cage. Here are some photos.

This two guys had so much with the Pawikan. They were after it, hoping that they could touch it. LMAO

Cute Pawikan. It is very big in the actual.

Tita at the foot bridge. She was after the arch like tree.


Fish Cage


Bakasyonista sa Surigao Del Sur

February 19,2011, we left Panabo City at 4am. Early in the morning, amidst the fogs and cool air breeze. We were amazed with the views that we haven't seen in the downtown areas. It's a long trip and tiresome. We passed by different cities and places like Tagum,Mawab,Nabunturan,Mongkayo,Trento,Agusan and finally we reached our destination which is Surigao del Sur. After the long trip approximately 4-5hrs because we have our own bus, we reached our first target destination at Enchanted River. First, I was flabbergasted by its Royal blue color of water. They said it is very deep, the color was brought by the deepness of it and this river is connected with the ocean which is the pacific. One of its attraction is the fish feeding, at 12-2:00pm  the tenants will feed the fishes. The fishes were not caught to feed their selves instead to add attraction to all bakasyonistas (Enchanted river fish feeding Video). These fishes were fresh water fish and can be eaten and some of them comes from the ocean. They were big and healthy, they are also in different varieties and fishes.


Me and My Mom
The Royal Blue Water. Very Enchanting

Fishes, during the feeding time

They were the brave swimmers. BRR. i was afraid to drown, because it has a strong pressure that you could be driven towards the ocean.

View. It has a cave underwater.

The River. This time, we are riding in a bangka on our way to go to the ocean to visit the fish cave.

Across where i am standing.