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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Today..

I'm in a hurry for my Rizal class annoyed that there will be an exam because I don't when ma'am would have the exam but fortunately he didn't gave the exam instead tomorrow she will :) Jeleena caught up my attention when she called me obsessed since she's a blogger also. Jeleena is a classmate of mine and she's a reader and I know she will read this .. Credits to your advice dear, I was so obsessed and  wrapped up about my boyfriend, thanks for your advice lately that I shouldn't find something wrong about our relationship. I just then realized that you are right. Mua :*

I am bored at school after my Rizal class so I decided to visit my previous school. I am so keyed up to see my friends there. As I arrived, I directly went to the canteen since it was lunch break and I saw them there, i hurriedly staggered one of them named Jessa. I talked a lot of things on them, about my life at Davao Doctor's and so much more. They were very busy for their assignments since they were under my aunt who's fund on giving a everyday quiz and an everyday assignment. Lucky to see another friend so we chat a lot. I also saw my best buddy named Jhoel with her Girlfriend named Monique.

Jhoel hugged me hurriedly when he saw me. I thought this gag doesn't know how to miss someone. LMAO since he was a bully but kinda sweet person. I really miss my best bud since we are partners in Crime :D LoLs. 

But there is a lot of changes among them, my friend have beautify her hair and she's not like before that's very cheerful and entertaining. She is now silent and studious. Lol. Anyway. I got a lot of fun and chat with my 2 dear friends though we don't hang a lot before but they are one of a kind. We talked a lot of things such as Sex, Chat and Love. LMAO. best topic in town..

How I wish they are just a walking distance from me so that I could update them. They are such a busy person right now, not like me just sitting pretty. I almost forgot, one of my teachers praised me "NI GWAPA LAGI KA KARUN"  just then I replied, "ANA JUD NANG DLI STRESSED MA'AM" Lol. Indeed I'm not stressed at this time around..

So, i'll be visiting them again by February 4th since it was JPCD Night and my Buddy will be one of the contenders with her girlfriend so I will be cheering up for them..

Till next time.. 

I love you. Mua :*