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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Na Offend kooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!

Maybe this site is perfect for crying and release the emotions I have...
If there's something wrong in me I don't want to changed it. I am loved for who I am. I was adored for what I am. I was seen as a cheerful-loving person wearing a very big smile. I never received this  kind of humiliation ever since I was born here on earth and the hurting part is it came from his brother (my boyfriends lil bro).

I never rag somebody in front of many people with a very loud voice. I am not that stupid and ignorant. I never grew up in a place that is crazy like theirs and one more thing I grew up with good morale and in a descent family. My values were inculcated well as my parents taught me to be good so.

Now, this time, I was acting like crazy like a baby;crying.

I thought they accepted me as ME being his older brothers' girlfriend but I'm wrong. Indeed he didn't blab in front of me but in front of his brothers' and sister's and I'm thinking not to visit my boyfriend anymore to their house instead see him ANYWHERE else ! I don't want to see his brother SH*TS face !!!!!!! Although it wasn't all his idea instead it was from his workmate. But still, I hate it HE BLAB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he can't see my face anymore nor text and comment on his facebook.
i'll never update my boyfriend's brother and sisters !!!
Because I don't want to.

See how paranoid I am ? (Still crying)
I isolate myself from those people who doesn't likes me. i can't do anything if they really don't like me ! And NO-UH !!! I won't deal with them anymore !!! My patience is too long but my understanding is TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!


-END . mua :*

RADTiiiK !

" I LOVE RT" or shall i say " SHOULD I LOVE RT "??

Noo-Uhh !!!!

I should love it ! I've got no choice but to love it. This is the career I chose after I waved goodbye to my nursing life. My idleness to study this course makes me a very lazy one and lax. 

Radiologic Technology offers a lot more than Nursing. It has a wage rate higher than nurses and less tiresome than nursing. In UK there is an intense demand of radiologist and they offer higher than the others. I know now a days we should be practical, think in advanced and prepare for something for the future.

My passion is on caring my patients helping them cure themselves and encouraging them to live life to the fullest. My dream is to be professional nurse and someday in the end of my name "RN" would be imprinted. But now I DON'T THINK SO. I waved Goodbye to nursing because of my mom. She wanted me to have it so and not nursing. Yes, this is not my passion, i don't like it.. but I should. i don't like my parents to be disappointed. They look at me just like them BRAINIAC..that all their braincells work anytime any day. But I'm not like them I'm the type of student that doesn't wants to study, i am more in visualization and my memory is like turtle , working TOO SLOW in memorizing especially those lessons which are less important. LOLS.

But RT ? I don't have any idea ! RADIATION? I've got a lot of it. Almost everyday I have it.. from my mobile phone, t.v, sunlight and especially my personal computer. I can't live without it.....

Right now I'll be dealing with my group mates that I found sarcastic yesterday during our project making.. And I hate it when they're acting like geeks and not speak frankly towards me. If you're annoyed or angry would you please say it in front of me? Don't act like a coward idiot . I don't like those kind of persons; brave when your not around and coward when you're there.. And all I can say is STFU !