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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pardon me for being poignant once more this time. I know, every time I update this blog of mine, everything was all about my love life. Anyway this is my blog, considered as my diary and public confessions parting you some fraction of my life.

I was dazed that someone removed and changed our relationship status.I was in a great quandary since we never broke up that time though there are things that is on my mind about our status. Early in the morning I gave him a call and talked about it, I was able to shout on the phone while we are talking. I am so livid that time that I'm out of my pace. And he told me that he is not the one who removed it but his friend, next to him on the computer.

I loved him so much and gave everything; time,sex, trust .. what else?

This past few days, I feel strange unto his actions. He's getting colder and colder , less texting and he isn't eager to look or ask what and where I am. Unlike before he seems to act like crazy when I don't reply to his text's.I know he's not my property and I don't have the right to dictate anything that he doesn't want. All those months and days of our relationship, i was giving all the freedom I can give and all the heartaches that I have was spoiled in my heart, mind and on this blog.

Ohh my.. Im running out of words here and all I can do is crying.. Shit,