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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to Facebook

I was so calm walking down the streets heading to Davao Doctor's College at CAS Building thinking that I don't have any socio class. When I arrived at the building I look over the clock and it was 9:30, I am 30 mins late so I decided not to enter the class instead be absent.But Facebook welcomed me warmly :D

Welcome to Facebook and Hello Blogger :D
Oohwee ! Multimedia section in our school gave me a past time waiting for my 10:30 class..
lol. Such a lazy student :)

Before I am always late at my 7:00 class and until now I am always late at my 9:00 class.. Hahahahahahha :D

His Love ( Credits to Rai Abellana)

It was late in the afternoon when I was writing for my blog. The news on air was about a woman who had been hit by a truck. I am not fond watching t.v nor news but when I heard a familiar voice, it caught my attention to glance at the breaking news. And it was a friend of mine who had been interviewed. I didn't heard clearly what he was saying but the caption talks about a woman who had been hit by a running truck at Relocation,Panacan. 

My friend's name is Rai Abellana ( Rai Lacoste, Gamay)Linkand he's one of the closest friend of my boyfriend. Upon hearing the news, I texted my boyfriend about. It was around 6pm, Rai was fetched by his mom at the cafe, my boyfriend's lil brother is with them. While they were walking a raging truck was coming towards them, luckily Den (lil bro. of my bf) saw the truck and he drag Rai away from it.

Rai's mom was left behind her place and stood still but guess what, Rai did draw his mom away from it's place. According to Rai, he's acting like a "Suicide Bomber" that time, trying to save his mom. Luckily, his mom is alive but only have bruises and is now currently admitted at San Pedro's Hospital.

His heroic stance gave me an idea to write this blog although I should have written this few days ago but due to my lil brothers' admition at the hospital because of U.T.I, I don't have the chance to work on this blog. But now, it was.

Everyone of us loves our parents although some of us experienced brutality and shame because not all of our parents are ideal. but think of it, they took care of us for 9 months without hesitation and idea to abort us. there are times of misunderstanding that you seem so alone and you don't have any person to run to, and sometimes parents contradicts to the things we want.

Hence, God gave us to those person who will loves us forever. Parents are the mirror of God's love too. Can't you see it? Parents wants the very best for us, they gave us education and pure love. they never leave us alone. So i relation with Rai's story, he never hesitate to save his mother although there is a big chance for him to die with her mom. Imagine an uncontrolled truck who will crush you into pieces, isn't it bloody?  

Rai is an example of true love towards his parents. We should see him as a role model of love to our parents.

Till the next blog.
Mua :*