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Sunday, January 23, 2011

22nd of January, I decided to break up with him, eventually , I rehearsed everything that I should say and do but sad to say I'm not successful . HaHaHaHa :D

The day goes by with an inspirational thoughts and messages from him, literary coming from his mouth. I'm with him on hot saturday, nervous because I thought this is the end of my love life but it wasn't what I expected instead he spoke to me first, he said things that enlightens my mind like he was begging me to stay (OH NO ! HE CAN READ WHAT'S ON MY MIND x_o) 

He said,

1. "Wag mo masyadong sanayin ang sarili mo sa akin na feeling mo tayo na sa habang buhay" 
-Ouch. yan talaga nasa utak ko since he was my very first boyfriend that reached a year !!

2. "Be a  lady"
-Yah-uh. I am still a baby. But I'm trying to because I'm running 18 :'(

3. "There are instances na ma attract talaga ako sa ibang girl, siyempre lalake lng ako"
-I know. :'(

4. "If you trust me, stop spying my account. But you can check it if you want."
-I have freedom to check it, anyway.

5. "Don't give your 100% love sa akin para in case mag break tayu dahil ayoko na, di ka lubos na masasaktan."
-Why practice? pra ma end na talaga?

Heartaches are normal. Just jive with the flow for you to get used to it. Never get too OA for you no to be sooo annoying  !!!!

Ayst.. It's my fault anyway. I'm so SELFISH, OBSESSED and lil bit SELFISH, SELFISH,SELFISH  ends with SELF-CENTERED.. Hard looser what you call. YAH ! it's me but Im not the kind of person that is envious. :)) 

Mwah !