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Thursday, March 3, 2011

(Kiity and Impulse Stunt were both online and they had a conversation through Chat box.”

“Impulse Stunt is waiting for your friend confirmation”

“Kiity accepted your friend request”

“Impulse Stunt posted on your wall”

“Thanks...…Where you from?”


“Can I have your number?

“Sure. I’ll just PM you”

And that is the start of their computer-generated communication and friendship. Impulse Stunt’s real name is Lance. Days and months passed, although they didn’t meet yet they had committed to a relationship where there is no assurance. March 23.2010 they declared it as their monthsary

Kiity didn’t take it seriously because she knows that Lance won’t take it seriously too and she also had a long distance relationship with Fred, a guy she fell in-love so much. Fred was living at Cebu where he studies Nautical. Kiity is aware that what she has done to Fred is betrayal, having a relationship even though she has still a commitment to Fred. All in her mind was this is just for fun and nothing else.

Geraldine, Kiity’s friend invited them to be on her pajama party at their house. Kiity asked Lance to come with her. They met at Gaisano Grand Illustre and went directly to Geraldine’s house. Geraldine’s house was overlooking at the sea shore where you can see the city lights of the Island City of Samal. Kiity and Lance talked like there is no tomorrow and it seems that they are the only one at the roof deck they even forgot that it was nearly morn.  Kiity needs to go home since the street is getting darker and frightening. Lance waited Kiity to aboard.

On her way home, she’s thinking to end up their relationship. Her conscience can’t handle, she is thinking about Fred. At the time she was thinking for a break up, she decided to give Fred a call but there is no answer. Kiity tried to contact Fred for days but she got nothing until she decided to continue the relationship between her and Lance.

But one day, she received a call from Fred.

            “Honey, I was not around these past few days. My phone was also dented but now I have it back. How are you?”

            “I’m fine, how about you?”

            “Text you later, I’ve got something to do”

            “Can I call you this night around 10pm?”

            NO REPLY.

            Kiity called him around 10pm hoping that she can contact him but then again, the operator said


She tried to call him but she got nothing. So she decided to confess to Lance that she already has a boyfriend and she needed to end up their relationship. Lance didn’t want to end their relationship. Because of Kiity’s strong will, she ended up their communication but Lance is still faithful for reconciliation.
He continued communicating with Kiity.

            June 6, 2010, Kiity sent Fred a message. She received a reply and she was very happy for the first time she received a reply. Because she receives nothing from his very first call and text. But the message make her sad..

            “Who’s this? Why are you texting my boyfriend?”

            Because of the message she felt empty. Her thoughts were floating and she always had blank stares. She had been vulnerable for days.
June 23, 2010, she went online and checked her messages that were abandoned for months. She was on tenterhooks, that there are still messages that come from Fred. But she got nothing but aged sweet messages from him.


Lance was also online.

            “How are you? Are you okay?”

            “What is that all about?”

            “Nothing. Just stupidity.”

            “I miss you.”


            “Here you go again. The “A” reply”

            “Hahahah :D I also missed nagging with you!”

            “So that’s it!”


            “You miss me too J

            “mpff (x_x)” WHATEVER!”

            “I miss your smile.”

            “I’ll give you one J

            “I miss your laugh”

            “HAHAHAHAHAH :)) want more?”

            You are a real pedantic

            “I’m sorry :’( I’m just sad and I need something to had fun with but I can’t find anyL

            “I don’t want to see your face in grimace, cheer up! Wanna have some fun?”

            “Yes. But how?”

            “Come with me.”

            “NO way !”

            “Hahahah. That’s not what you think Kiity. We will go to World of Fun where there is always fun.”

            “Okay. I’ll just dress up. Where will we meet?”
            “At our meeting place.”


            Around 5:00pm at McDonalds, Victoria Plaza they meet each other again. Kiity was eating her favorite hamburger when Lance surprised her with a bouquet of flowers with 3 balloons and a love letter. Tears of Joy fell down and afresh their first summit at the roof deck. Kiity hugged Lance so tight. All of the crew of the food chain and the customers were looking at them and gave them a round of applause. She realized that Fred wasn’t the one. She already found the man that would carry her smiles, the man that would be there for her through the good times and bad times.

After those happy moments at McDonalds, they went to Jack’s Ridge to have momentous scenery; an overlooking site to unwind and chit-chat. At the bench where they were sitting, Lance spoke these words while the music plays “Wonderful Tonight”.

“Why did I just look away, like I'd nothing more to say? I've been waiting for this day and & never thought you'd come my way. Here alone all by myself had no thoughts of someone else but the moment that I saw you I just knew, I would love you. I believe you and me we were always meant to be. See that the day you walked into my life was the start of everything. Could it be you and me one for all eternity? Looking back it seems so clear. Nothing could change. Fate has brought us to this place there is still so much to face but today's the day it’s the start of everything”

“I was wrong. I thought you weren’t the one for me. I thought he was; but I am wrong. I was out of pace and I wasn’t strong enough to face the love that you have shown and now I can face the world………. I would say yes for the eternity, I know I would be happy.”

            From that romantic moment, they were lovers and up to present they were continuing their love story and on March 23, 2011 they will be having their very 1st Anniversary. And it all began with FACEBOOK.


“If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud, or the moment just... passes you by.”