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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lazy Hands and Lazy Brain

I have a lazy hands and I'm getting lazier each day. I go to school 4x a week with 7 minor subjects . Isn't it boring? i am not like this before. Mom taught me to read and read, write and write. I usually write poems, stories, novels and I even made my autobiography, way back then I have a lots of scraps where it was all written. I love literature. But now, I hate myself. I am trying to rejoice my reading and writing life but I can't. Lazy hands :'(

I bought a lot of books from OMF and only1 book I have read yet I am still at the middle part of it :'( 
OH MY !\what happened to me?

I can't even write a single stanza for my poem..

How I  wish I wasn't addicted with texting because I could really testify that texting makes a person poor in vocabulary.. LMAO..

Creative brain..What happened to you, why you became lazy????I miss the way you construct words, did you miss it too? How about being a bookworm in the class?

Would you please come back and make Lazy Hands, Diligent again???

OHnanana Mua:*  

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