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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's a "Me" "I" thing :3

I am getting nervous about what would be the result of our craziness
I think I would prepare for something unwanted.
I know I am blessed.
I have a wonderful family and many terrific friends.
I wish it would be fine.
I hate getting up early in th morning, but you knew that already. 
I miss my dog. 
I fear being totally alone and losing people I love.
I hear music.  I love many different styles of music.
I smell Victoria Secret (Pink) Cucumber.
I crave real chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone.  At least a double scoop.
I search for answers to my questions, and I have a lot of questions.
I wonder what will I look like if I'm already married.
I regret of being a good daughter.
I love my mom,dad,my 2 brothers,oma,opa,aunts,uncles,pets and my boyfriend,
I ache in my back.  I hate it. I have scoliosis.
I am not a pessimist.  I am not an optimist either.  I think I am a realist.
I believe in life after death, so maybe I am an optimist. 
I dance whenever I can.  With or without music. Dancing is my passion also.
I sing whenever I can, and yes I can do it with or without music, and I can carry a tune with a hoarse voice.
I cry when I’m sad, angry, happy, frustrated, and even relieved.  I’ve shed many tears.  They come easily for me.
I fight when I believe it is necessary to fight.
I win at the game Dominoes.  I love that game!
I lose my focus in studying .  Frequently.  What was I saying?
I never go to bed without washing my face. 
I always tell my lil brother to poo in the toilet bowl and not on his underwear because the smell sucks !
I confuse if he really loves me.
I listen to music a lot. The lines and meaning I love the most.
I can usually be found in my bedroom with my hands on the keyboard.
I am scared of failure.
I need chocolate.  (It seemed like the right answer, at the time.)
I am happy about being home with my family during the summer.
I imagine many things, because I’ve got an overactive imagination.
I tag my closest friends whenerver I wanted to.

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