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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


2010 has ended and yet my parent's still haven't met my boyfriend. I was asking him to meet them last December but  still he replied "NO". And now I am asking him again on my 18th birthday on February 11th he answered the same. I don't want to stay long in this relationship without the guidance of my parents. I want them to see each other for me to feel comfortable. 

On March 23 is our anniversary and I want him to meet them. If answered the same thing I'll end this relationship and that would be my final decision. It hurts when I am thinking that his family knows me but my parents doesn't knows him he even didn't cast a shadow to my parents.

It is so unfair :'( my best friends haven't seen him yet.. And I feel so bad.

There are things to consider when you are in a relationship. Your parents should guide you always although it is irritating. Your boyfriend or your love ones should also mingle with your friends for them to feel comfortable. It is awkward when you and your friends are hanging with their boyfriends and you feel pariah. And sometimes they are asking you, "Where is your boyfriend?" Ooh-uuh.. your'e embarrassed and you are finding a fitted answer to their question for you to not to feel at ease.

To guys out there. If you really love your boyfriend/girlfriend. Be brave to face consequences and never hesitate to meet their parents. It is a good thing in a relationship that you'll meet them. Benefits are out there, parents could support you and you can save money. you don't need to spend a lot of money for dates, you can stay at your partners house. There is also no space for selfishness and self-centered, be open-minded and share things that could help in your relationship.

For you to have a good relationship, you should give and take. Till my next blog. BYE :)