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Monday, December 5, 2011

8 Excitingly Obvious Signs It’s a Good Relationship …

What is a good relationship? I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for, but if you want a long-lasting, loving, and overall toe-tingling, keep reading! Here are 8 excitingly obvious signs it’s a good relationship.

1. You’re both respectful

One of the easiest ways to tell what is a good relationship from what is not is respect. If you respect him, and he respects you, feel free to move forward. But if he’s disrespectful, or if you often feel less-than-respectful of him, it’s not a good, healthy relationship, and it won’t be later, either.

2. You’re excited to see each other

When you’re in a good relationship, you both can’t wait to see each other… the time you spend apart is fine, but you really look forward to your time together.

3. He’s uplifting, not abusive — and so are you!

When you’re in a good relationship, you’ll want to back your guy, highlight his strengths and fill in the gaps he might leave. He’ll do the same for you. What is a good relationship? One in which you build each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

4. There’s real chemistry

I know this is going to sound shallow, but one of what is a good relationship is a spark, some chemistry. I’m certainly not saying that sex is the most important thing, but let’s face it — it is important. If there’s no spark, then there’s a chance he’s more of a friend, and less of a boyfriend or potential husband.

5. You’re honest with each other

A good relationship cannot be built on lies, so unless you’re honest with him, and he’s honest with you, it’s not a good relationship. This includes big lies as well as smaller dishonesties… and if there’s anything you’re not sharing with him, now’s the time to start.

6. Neither of you have drama

It’s almost impossible to have a good relationship if one or both of you are bringing drama into the relationship, or if you have a load of it outside of the relationship. Before you can think about a good relationship, your own life has to be straightened out. It’s true!

7. You add to each other’s happiness, not create it

Let me say that again, in another way: if you’re not happy with your life, adding a man, no matter how wonderful he is, won’t help. You have to be happy in your life, and he has to be happy in his, or you won’t be able to help each other be happy.

8. You’re enjoying the moment, but also thinking of the future

You absolutely do not have to think about the future, but if you find yourself thinking about your relationship down the road, that’s a very good sign. It’s yet another why to tell a good relationship from a bad or short-term one.
So again, what is a good relationship? Everything on this list, and then whatever else matters to you! I really like books, so it wouldn’t be a good relationship unless the guy is well-read. Which of these is an obvious sign you’re in a good relationship? Do tell!

How To Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Nurturing a relationship is vital if you want to stay together. Bitterness, irritation and constant stress between two people not only affects their personal mindset but also the people around. Learn to resolve fights and arguments by saying “Sorry.” But many find it hard to say this. It is important to understand that if you are wrong, admitting your mistake is the right thing to do. An argument doesn’t need a winner or a loser.
When in an argument, avoid bringing up the past as it will add more hostility. It is best to remain calm and above all forgive and forget. If you have to disagree then do it devotedly. There will be many occasions when you and your partner will not see things eye to eye. Learn to accept people as they are and adjust whole-heartedly.
Learn to be persistent in showing that both of you like each other and want to better your relationship at every stage of your life. This will create harmony and balance in your lives for years together.

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