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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Day

Sunday is known as Family Day. But for us, it's not only during Sundays'  but Everyday  !!
I have just arrived from our family outing at Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort at Bayabas, Toril just near Eden. It was a nice place to unwind and relax.It's peaceful and overlooking. It offers a wide range of amenities such as swimming pool, boating, cafe and lounge , a wide place of playground where children could grace and breathe the fresh air. They also have rooms for night packers. The best thing there is you could be free from those nuisance and polluted air and water which is present in the downtown area. Their water is clean and fresh from the mountains, you can even drink it !!!! Literally, the water supply of the pool comes from the spring which is Intensely COLD !!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
The place also is very nice, Doves and Pigeons are freely flying and you can feed them. Tall trees are present; bamboos,pine trees,mangosteen and many more ! You should try there if you're a nature lover.. It is also the best place for picture taking.

Photos will follow, later, because it is still on our DSLR and needed to be transferred, some photos must also be sorted since the photos were taken in the different areas of the Resort.

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