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Monday, January 10, 2011


Every time you smile it reminds me how much love you and it seems like it was imprinted on me from head to toe. I can't forget your attractive smile where I feel out in love. You made me smile when I am sad, you make me laugh and happy. Something's telling me it might be you but I'm wondering how I could think of this kind of thought when you've got nothing to do but make me happy.

We will be celebrating our anniversary on the 23rd of March and I can't wait for it. You were the first person who reached this long, I mean I haven't experienced reaching a year relationship, usually it's just like a maximum of  4 months. 

I was called a varsity of all the playgirls, hanging out with boys. I am not pretty, I am not one of those party girls but I drink (not that much), I do smoke (but not that much;occasionally). I've got a lot of boyfriends, but it doesn't last that long.

And now that I have you, i didn't expected much in our relationship because as what I have experienced, Long term relationship is impossible, long term relationship is not attainable. Boys doesn't stay at me longer for some reasons.

I am not saying that I am a beautiful brainiac ideal woman to be with. But how many times I gave my heart , how many times I gave my trust , how many times I fell in love and fall out of love and within those relationship I always fell apart with a broken heart. I already heard all those fucking promises.

But when you came into my life you made no promise, you didn't do something wrong; you just made me smile. You made memories with me. I admit that jealousy is a part of me but the spark in your eyes made me a puppy entailed to your back. Isn't it funny? You made me fell in love with you.

All my senses come alive, the spark, the love.. I can really feel it ! And I'm blabbing a lot here on my blog because I can't express the feeling inside me all I can say is I LOVE YOU... ! ♥

You're a puzzle piece that I'm trying to solve...

You held your hands on my waist.
You kissed my forehead.
You whispered something cheezy on my left ear.
You hugged me tight.
You made me laugh.
You made me smile.
You loved me at most times.

The way you struck your guitar strings.
The way you get mad at me.
The way you send messages when you feel your love was overflowing.

It makes me blush at all times.

How I wish to publish all your sweet messages here but for now I wanna keep it to myself and stay private :D


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