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Monday, January 10, 2011

Puzzled mind

Okay. I have this weird feeling of mine but I am not sure of what really it is. I am very superfluous when it comes to my boyfriend and my mouth won't stop unless I'm satisfied. I check his accounts frequently when I'm online and it seems it wasn't active, there is no notifications and updates on his wall, all I can see is my wall post and some tags from his friends. Where is the updates when he comments to another persons and where is his updates when somebody added him or when he adds somebody..

I'm a very abstract person and I'm quite fond fixing the puzzled mind of mine, I am not contented on a few facts I can't sleep and I can't stop my jealousy. I find ways just to figure it out and now I can' find any flaws on it. It seems he knows that I was visiting his account every now and then..

I want to confront him about things. I want to know something but I can't dare to ask because I know he gonna say something that I don't like  to hear.

Things I don't like to hear are:

1. "Kelangan jud?"
2. "Ok"
3. "Mao bah"
4. "Duh"
5. "Ngano man diay"

For me, those words sounds sarcastic, I don't text nor speak that way because I construct words that can't hurt the feelings of others.

I dont also like person's who always asks "NGANO?" especially when they know it. I hate persons acting like they are blind when they know what's all about.

This is why I hate him sometimes because when the environment seems like out of cast I just text him "Ok. tyl busy man". Why? when we're texting he just flee away or sometimes he just like out of the topic and just reply OK???

ohh my gehd naman oh !!!!

So this weird feelings of mine got puzzled why these things are happening.. lawls. 
And this blog will end up here cause It's getting late and I should study my lessons cause it is  my exam tomorrow !

Chow !

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