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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's okay..

I wasn't happy for the last few days but I'm trying and right now I'm working over it. I was talking about keeping in silence on my last blog yesterday and indeed I'm proving that I could do it though, in tough times there is anxiety and stress but I know I could do it. I'm not the only man in this world and I know I could reconcile and forgive someone. But silence is the best thing to do right for me not to be hurt.

Okay, I'm blabbing a lot of here and I know you're confused why I wanna keep silent. I wanna move on in silence and rejoice. I wanna be someone, a new one; not someone who I am really not. So I'm changing styles in life but I can't do it that fast, I'm having it slowly until I could have the perfect changes in me. It might be too awkward to those who knows me a lot more than you do but I wanted this to happen.

There was this person who is more attached to me and I 'm thanking her for being one. One of those people who touched my life. She's important and unforgettable, sweet loving person. She's far away, but I know she'll be reading this blog. I wanna thank her for being part of my life :) 

PS.Don't worry. You're still the one, I'm still your friend though there are changes, lol. As if naman matanggihan kita sa kabaitan mo ! Anyways Highways. o matter what might happen I'm still here, right beside you. Don't forget that. I Love you, more than you think I could.  :*

Till next blog. Mua :*


Jeleena Jimenez said...

i wonder what makes u sad? but whatever it is. don't let it get into u. cheer up! :)

Kathlene Hester said...

it was between me and my friends.. mahirap talaga pag friends mo ang kalaban ng emotions.. lmao