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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I survived !

This past few days I was in pain; literally and physically ! The pain radiates from my right upper to right lower quadrant of my abdomen. It starts last Monday when I was having dinner with my little brother. He was choked because so I hurriedly bought him a banana from the market although my stomach is so full. From the vehicle I was feeling the pain until I woke up in the morning it was still there. I went to school and I reached the afternoon with pain. So, I decided to tell mom and dad to send me to a physician to have a check-up and their diagnosis was Appendicitis.

We were referred to a specialist were he was highly paid, well-known and unsurpassed in surgery. Our plan was to admit me at San Pedro's Hospital but when we phoned up the said doctor he was having his duty at SPMC so we hurriedly went to SPMC and have the check-up his diagnosis was I was experiencing an Acute Appendicitis that should be removed immediately before it blows out and have my life in 50-50. So my parents decided to have my operation at SPMC even though I didn't like the place A LOT !

When i heard about the operation thing, I was in intense shock ! I was scared, that I cried like a baby ( hahaha ) i was calling "DADDY ! DADDY ! MOMMY ! MOMMY ! DLI KO MAGPA-OPERA" but i've got nothing to do to but to have the operation before it complicates.

In the operating room, I was injected with Sleeping injectables, the effect was not that fast so I have felt the Anesthesia too! They injected me Anesthesia so that I can feel nothing when they will have the operation. When they already injected it I feel like I can feel nothing LOLS ! I can't move my feet but I can feel cramps all over. I can't even feel the pin when they have tested me if the Anesthesia already affects me. They asks questions like "TUSOK o TUNG-TUNG?". When the pain was in my chest I answers "TUNG-TUNG" when at my arms and breast i answers "TUSOK". Because the effectivity of the Anesthesia starts at the chest up to my legs and feet. So they started the operation and removed my appendix. I was unconscious because I fell at sleep.

I woke up, I was already at the recovery area and still, the effect of the anesthesia is still there ! But after 4 hrs starting from the operation that started at 5am the effectivity had gone. Mom and dad waited me for hours outside the operating room. When I went out Mom kissed me and Thank God for my survival !

THANKS GOD ! I survived!! :))
I knew it ! You were there !!

I stayed at the hospital for 2 days.
Some Photos were taken when my friends visited me after the operation.

And thanks to my family and close friends !

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