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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Text Message

If you are always there in their house.. does it shows how brave you are facing his parents?

I am there most of times. I talk with his lil sister and I even chat with her mother when she's around.
In the web, I always update his Facebook and his elder sisters' too.
I like his family, very jolly.

Privately. I am very curious when it comes to his mobile phone.
just yesterday, I arrived at their house and he's still sleeping and his lil sister is watching t.v(showtime). i have the chance toi browse his mobile phone and check some messages, unwanted or wanted :!

I discovered something. Ahhm.. It doesn't hurts that much but jealousy bombarded me :9
It is indeed an unknown number, saying ..

"Good Morning, remember me? I'm _ _ _ , yung ka chat mo kagabi, you left your number and you pop out off the chat rooom. How are you cutie?"


I replied without her knowing that I am the one she's texting with...
She lives in Davao and is currently studying at Holy Cross.

I am a silent person when it comes to private life of mine.. Whatever goes on my mind.. It will be just mine (except if i am the one to tell it so).

I deleted all the messages that was sent and recieved and I texted her 
"Okay. I remember you. I'm sorry . Text you later"

she replied...

I returned back the phone beside him.. he is still sleeping..

I didn't say anything about it until he's awake..
Like there's nothing happen...
But I know his a lil bit upset because the girl texted again and he's the one who read it ...


I don't care if he is angry .. as long as I am satisfied I've got information about the chick and I realized how he goes by when I'm out of sight....

Obsessed.Am I?

Can somebody tell me if this things that I am doing is right...


Jeleena Jimenez said...

ohh myyy gahhhhhd.. I happened to be so obsessed and jealous with every girl but it never came to a point that I replied in any of the messages in his mobile phone coz we try to make things a bit private for us. but I tried deleting a message in his fb from a not so nice-bitch girl lol... bur i never did that again.. simply because I need to trust him and never doubt with any of his actions.. If u do truly trust u wouldn't bother check his phone.

Well, I think a very loving gf/obsessed would do the same.but always remember to never cross beyond the limit of privacy. :)

Stay in love!! God bless u both!

Kathlene Hester said...

haha.. gna iwasan nako ang mag duda ug mag selos jel.. I think you're right :)

mua :*